Standup Bel Masry Vol.II in Dubai

Standup Bel Masry Vol.II in Dubai
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Standup Bel Masry Vol.II in Dubai

Prepare for an uproarious night as Egypt’s inaugural comedy factory returns, showcasing a lineup of comedic heavyweights at the festival.

Brace yourself for a laughter-filled extravaganza featuring Ahmed El Hareedy, the comedic genius from Alexandria; Bernadette, known for her razor-sharp wit and rap-comedy fusion; Reem Nabil, whose adorable charm and hilarious antics are sure to leave you in fits of giggles; and Walid Khairy, the maestro of crowd engagement, guaranteed to have audiences doubled over with laughter through his spontaneous interactions.

Event Details
Event NameStandup Bel Masry Vol.II in Dubai
DateApril18, 2024
VenueRoxy cinema
Ticket Price

Ticket price for Standup Bel Masry Vol.II in Dubai starts from 200AED. Purchase tickets on the official Website. Grab your tickets Now!

How To Book Tickets
  1. Online Platforms: Platinumlist, or official website.
  2. Search Event: Use keywords like “Standup Bel Masry Vol.II in Dubai” or the concert’s name.
  3. Select Date/Venue: Choose the date and Roxy Cinemas.
  4. Ticket Types: Select the ticket type (e.g., general admission, VIP) and quantity.
  5. Account/Login: Create or log in to your account.
  6. Payment: Enter payment information securely.
  7. Confirmation: Receive a confirmation email with booking details.
  8. Ticket Delivery: Download, receive via email, or use a mobile app.
  9. Attend Concert: Bring printed/digital tickets and necessary identification.

Roxy Cinema, Dubai Hills Mall
462Q+36 Dubai – United Arab Emirates

How To Get There

If you prefer public transportation, various bus routes are available to take you to the venue. Select the most suitable one for you, and alight at a bus stop close to the destination. A brief stroll will then lead you to the venue.

Alternatively, taxis are readily accessible throughout the city, providing a convenient option for reaching the venue hassle-free.


What is the event?

Egypt’s first comedy factory returns with a star-studded lineup for a night of laughter at the festival.

Who are the performers?

  • Ahmed El Hareedy: The comedic sensation from Alexandria, known for his unique blend of comedy and rap.
  • Bernadette: A quick-witted comedian whose sharp humor will have you in stitches.
  • Reem Nabil: An adorable and funny comedian guaranteed to leave you giggling uncontrollably.
  • Walid Khairy: The master of crowd work, whose spontaneous interactions will have the audience rolling with laughter.

Is the show family-friendly?

Yes, this show is family-friendly, suitable for audiences of all ages.

In which language is the show performed?

The show is performed in Arabic.

How can I attend?

Simply purchase your tickets and get ready for an unforgettable night of comedy!

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