Show “Improvisers” / Show Improvizatory

Show Improvizatory
Show “Improvisers” / Show Improvizatory

Join in the laughter with everyone’s beloved “Improvisers” in their unique comedy show, where spontaneity reigns supreme. Arseny Popov, Dmitry Pozov, Sergei Matvienko, and Anton Shastun, the core actors, dazzle audiences as they don a plethora of absurd and unexpected characters, navigating through the most unforeseen scenarios.

Each performance of the “Improvisers” is a one-of-a-kind experience, fueled by the suggestions and participation of the audience. As a spectator, you’re not just watching the show; you’re shaping it by offering themes and characters for the actors to improvise on stage.

For the first time ever, the “Improvisers” will charm an international audience, showcasing their unparalleled comedic prowess and their knack for creating laughter out of thin air.

Event Details
Event NameShow “Improvisers” / Show Improvizatory
Performer/ArtistArseniy Popov, Anton Shastun
DateOctober24, 2024
VenueThe Agenda
Ticket Price

Ticket Price for Show “Improvisers” / Show Improvizatory starts from 200AED. Purchase tickets on the official website. Grab your Tickets Now!

Ticket CategoryTicket Price(AED)
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  1. Online Platforms: Visit Platinumlist or the official website of the event organizer.
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The Agenda
The Agenda Venues FZC LLC – Al Jaddi St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

How To Get There

By Car: To reach Agenda Venues FZC by car, head towards Al Jaddi Street and continue following the signs until you arrive at the venue.

By Taxi: Opting for a taxi ride is another convenient option. You can easily catch a taxi from anywhere in Dubai, as Agenda Venues is a well-known location and most drivers are familiar with its whereabouts.


Where will “The Improvisers” be touring for the first time?

“The Improvisers” are thrilled to announce their first international tour, visiting new cities for the very first time!

What makes “Improvisers” unique?

“Improvisers” is a comedy show unlike any other, as it unfolds without a script or preparation. The constant actors – Arseny Popov, Dmitry Pozov, Sergei Matvienko, and Anton Shastun – delve into absurd and surprising characters, navigating through the most unexpected situations.

How are the shows different from one another?

Each “Improvisers” show is truly one-of-a-kind, thanks to the audience’s participation. Spectators provide themes and characters for the actors to improvise on stage, making every performance a unique experience.

Can I contribute to the show as an audience member?

Absolutely! By offering themes and characters, you become not only a spectator but also the author of the script for this unique comedy experience.

Is there an age limit for attendees?

Yes, the age limit for attending “Improvisers” shows is 21 and above.

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