PETTEE: storybox, devised by Deepak Unnikrishnan

PETTEE: storybox, devised by Deepak Unnikrishnan
PETTEE: storybox, devised by Deepak Unnikrishnan

PETTEE, the performance, intertwines these concepts and dialogues seamlessly. Through the artistry of dancers and intricately crafted landscapes, the audience is transported into a captivating realm of movement, music, and flight. Within this immersive experience, bodies contort, stretch, and ascend, unveiling and exploring the complexities of youth and the myriad possibilities of the future.

Collaborating to realize the dream of weightlessness are acclaimed writers Deepak Unnikrishnan and Karthika Naïr, composer Sarathy Korwar and his talented musicians, set and lighting designer Willy Cessa, along with three choreographers/performers – Wanjiru Kamuyu, Saju Hari, Ali Ben Lotfi Thabet – and illustrator Appupen (George Mathen) and rigger Simon Nyiringabo.

Event Details
Event NamePETTEE: storybox, devised by Deepak Unnikrishnan
DateApril18/19, 2024
VenueThe Red Theater
LocationAbu Dhabi
Ticket Price

Ticket Price for PETTEE: storybox, devised by Deepak Unnikrishnan starts from 52.50AED. Purchase Tickets on the official website. Grab your Tickets Now!

Ticket CategoryTicket Price(AED)
Youth (12-18 y/o)52.50
Adult (19+ y/o)105
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The Red Theater, The Arts Center at NYU Abu Dhabi
The Red Theater, Saadiyat Marina District Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

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Traveling by car: Accessing the Arts Center is convenient with ample parking available in the designated parking area upon your arrival.


How do I access the NYU Abu Dhabi Campus?

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Yes, patrons must present a valid ticket to an event at The Arts Center upon entry to the campus.

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No, as per current Department of Culture and Tourism guidelines, a Green Al Hosn is no longer needed to attend public events in Abu Dhabi.

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No, the wearing of face masks is no longer required in most indoor public places, including campus buildings.

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For access and wheelchair bookings, please email [email protected].

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