Mohsen Yeganeh Live in Dubai

Mohsen Yeganeh

Event Details

Welcome to the Mohsen Yeganeh, an acclaimed Iranian singer, songwriter, and composer, brought his emotive and powerful performances to the vibrant city of Dubai. Renowned for his rich, melodic voice and profound lyrical depth, Yeganeh has captivated audiences across the globe, blending traditional Persian musical influences with contemporary pop and rock elements. His Dubai concert is a testament to his widespread appeal and artistic versatility, promising an unforgettable night of music and cultural celebration for fans from diverse backgrounds. As he takes the stage in this cosmopolitan hub, Yeganeh’s music resonates with themes of love, hope, and resilience, offering a universal language that transcends borders and unites listeners in a shared experience of beauty and emotion.

Event Summary

Event NameMohsen Yeganeh Live in Dubai
Performer/ArtistMohsen Yeganeh
DateJune 15, 2024
VenueSheikh Rashid Hall, World Trade Centre
LocationDubai, UAE

Ticket Price

Ticket Prices for Mohsen Yeganeh Live in Dubai live starts from 399.00 AED. Purchase tickets on the official website. Grab Your Tickets Now!

Ticket CategoryPrice (AED)
Regular A & B399.00
Silver A & B699.00
VIP A & B849.00

Ticket Portal

How to Book Tickets

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  1. Visit Platinumlist Website

    Go to the official Platinumlist website at

  2. Search for the Concert

    Use the search bar on the Platinumlist website to look for the event or concert you’re interested in. Enter relevant keywords or the name of the event.

  3. Select the Event

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How to Get There

By car: Dubai World Trade Centre is located in the heart of the city and is easily accessible by car. If you’re coming from Dubai, you can take Sheikh Zayed Road and exit at the World Trade Centre junction. From there, you can follow the signs to reach the venue.  

By public transportation: The nearest metro station is the World Trade Centre Station, which is located on the Red Line. You can take the metro and get off at the World Trade Centre Station, which is just a short walk away from the venue.   

By taxi: You can also take a taxi to the Dubai World Trade Centre. It’s a famous destination and most drivers would be familiar with its location.


1. When and where is the event?

  • Date: June 15, 2024
  • Day: Saturday
  • Time: 20:00
  • Venue: [Venue Name] (Please replace with specific venue)
  • Location: Dubai, UAE

2. Who is performing?

  • The event will feature a live performance by Mohsen Yeganeh.

3. What are the ticket prices?

  • Regular A & B: 399.00 AED
  • Bronze: 499.00 AED
  • Silver A & B: 699.00 AED
  • Gold: 749.00 AED
  • VIP A & B: 849.00 AED
  • Royal: 1,200.00 AED

4. Where can I purchase tickets?

  • Tickets can be purchased online through [Ticketing Website] (please replace with specific ticketing platform) or at the venue’s box office.

5. What time do the doors open?

  • Doors will open at 18:00, two hours before the performance begins.

6. Is there an age restriction for the event?

  • Yes, attendees must be 12 years or older. Minors must be accompanied by an adult.

7. Are there any special accommodations for disabled guests?

  • Yes, the venue is equipped with facilities to accommodate disabled guests. Please contact the venue ahead of time to arrange any special assistance.

8. What is the seating arrangement?

  • The seating arrangement varies by ticket category. VIP and Royal ticket holders have premium seating, while other categories have assigned seating according to their respective sections.

9. Can I get a refund on my ticket?

  • Tickets are non-refundable unless the event is canceled or rescheduled.

10. Is parking available at the venue?

  • Yes, parking is available at the venue. There may be additional charges for parking.

11. Can I bring a camera to the event?

  • Professional cameras and recording equipment are not allowed. However, personal photography is usually permitted.

12. Are food and beverages available at the venue?

  • Yes, there will be food and beverage vendors available inside the venue.

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