Melodies of the Earth by Evgeny Khmara in Dubai

Melodies of the Earth by Evgeny Khmara
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Melodies of the Earth by Evgeny Khmara in Dubai

Join us as we celebrate the splendor of our planet with Evgeny Khmara — an accomplished Ukrainian pianist and YouTube sensation renowned for transforming the beauty of nature into captivating music.

Having graced prestigious venues worldwide, including The White House and Buckingham Palace, Evgeny is now set to showcase his talent in Dubai.

In honor of International Earth Day, Evgeny has prepared something truly extraordinary — a mesmerizing neoclassical repertoire inspired by the awe-inspiring wonders of the natural world. From lush forests to boundless deserts, turbulent oceans, and majestic mountains, each musical piece will pay homage to the Earth’s remarkable beauty and vitality in all its magnificence.

Accompanied by biospheric art as a backdrop, this event promises to be a neoclassical manifesto celebrating the incredible power and majesty of Mother Nature.

Event Details
Event NameMelodies of the Earth
Performer/ArtistEvgeny Khmara
DateApril20, 2024
VenueToda theater
Ticket Price

Ticket Price for Melodies of the Earth by Evgeny Khmara in Dubai starts from 250 AED. purchase tickets on the official website. Grab your tickets Now!

Ticket CategoryTicket Price(AED)
How To Book Tickets
  1. Online Platforms: Platinumlist, or official website.
  2. Search Event: Use keywords like “Melodies of the earth” or the concert’s name.
  3. Select Date/Venue: Choose the date and Toda theater.
  4. Ticket Types: Select the ticket type (e.g., general admission, VIP) and quantity.
  5. Account/Login: Create or log in to your account.
  6. Payment: Enter payment information securely.
  7. Confirmation: Receive a confirmation email with booking details.
  8. Ticket Delivery: Download, receive via email, or use a mobile app.
  9. Attend Concert: Bring printed/digital tickets and necessary identification.

TODA Theatre of Digital Art
Theatre of Digital Art – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

How To Get There

Taxi: You can use a private car or hire a taxi to reach the Theatre of Digital Art directly. Simply input the address, “Theatre of Digital Art, Dubai, United Arab Emirates,” into your GPS or preferred navigation app for guidance.

Public Transport: Dubai has an extensive public transportation network, including buses and the metro. You can take the Dubai Metro and alight at the nearest station, then take a taxi or walk to the Theatre of Digital Art.


What is the duration of the concert?

The concert will last for approximately 1.5 hours.

Is there an age restriction for attendees?

The event is exclusively for individuals aged 13 years old and above.

How can I purchase tickets for the event?

Tickets can be purchased through the official website of the venue or authorized ticketing platforms.

What amenities are included with Gold and Diamond tickets?

Gold and Diamond ticket holders will enjoy comfortable seating arrangements with back support, along with complimentary selected drinks. Diamond ticket holders will also have the privilege of front-row seats for an immersive 360° experience.

Can attendees expect any additional experiences during the concert?

The concert will feature biospheric art as a backdrop, enhancing the overall experience and serving as a visual representation of the power of Mother Nature.

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