Deep Dive Dubai Scuba Diving Experience

Deep Dive Dubai Scuba Diving

Event Details

Welcome to the Embark on an aquatic adventure like no other with the Deep Dive Dubai scuba diving experience. Nestled in the vibrant cityscape of Dubai, this groundbreaking facility offers a unique opportunity to plunge into the depths of an underwater wonderland. As you step into the world’s deepest diving pool, prepare to be captivated by its mesmerizing depths and unparalleled amenities. With a staggering depth of over 60 meters (196 feet), this submerged marvel holds the equivalent of six Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Event Summary

Event NameDeep Dive Dubai Scuba Diving Experience
VenueDeep Dive
LocationDubai, UAE

Ticket Price

Ticket Price for Deep Dive Dubai scuba diving experience Starts 1,800 AED, Purchase Tickets on the official Website. Grab your tickets now.

Ticket TypePrice (AED)
Standard Discover Scuba Dive1,800.00
Premium Discover Scuba Dive2,400.00
Platinum Discover Scuba Dive3,000.00
Standard Guided Scuba Dive1,200.00
Premium Guided Scuba Dive2,400.00
Platinum Guided Scuba Dive3,000.00

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Nad Al Sheba 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

How to Get There

By car: Deep Dive Dubai is located in Nad Al Sheba, which is easily accessible by car. From Dubai-Al Ain Road, take the exit towards Nad Al Sheba and continue straight until you reach the Dubai Investment Park. Deep Dive Dubai is located in the same area and is easy to spot.  

By public transportation: Deep Dive Dubai is easily accessible by public transportation. From the Mall of the Emirates Bus Station, take bus number F55 towards the Dubai Investment Park. This bus will take you directly to Deep Dive Dubai.  

By Taxi: You can also take a taxi to Deep Dive Dubai from anywhere in the city. It’s a popular destination, and most taxi drivers will be familiar with the location.


What is Deep Dive Dubai? Deep Dive Dubai is a state-of-the-art facility in Dubai, UAE, offering scuba diving experiences in the world’s deepest diving pool.

How deep is the pool at Deep Dive Dubai? The pool has a depth of over 60 meters (196 feet), making it the deepest diving pool in the world.

Is prior scuba diving experience required? No, prior scuba diving experience is not required. Deep Dive Dubai offers Discover Scuba Dive experiences for non-certified participants.

What is included in the Discover Scuba Dive experience? The Discover Scuba Dive experience includes a briefing session, equipment rental, and a guided dive with experienced instructors.

Are there options for certified divers? Yes, certified divers can choose from various guided dive options tailored to their skill level.

What amenities are available at Deep Dive Dubai? Deep Dive Dubai offers changing rooms, showers, a dive shop, and a viewing gallery for spectators.

Are there age restrictions for participants? Participants must be at least 10 years old for Discover Scuba Dive experiences and 12 years old for certified dives.

Is the facility accessible to people with disabilities? Deep Dive Dubai strives to accommodate individuals with disabilities. Please contact us in advance to discuss specific requirements.

How do I book a diving session? Diving sessions can be booked online through the Deep Dive Dubai website or by contacting their reservations team directly.

Is transportation provided to the facility? Transportation to Deep Dive Dubai is not included in the ticket price. Participants are responsible for arranging their own transportation to the venue.

What safety measures are in place? Deep Dive Dubai adheres to strict safety protocols, including regular equipment maintenance, thorough briefings, and experienced dive instructors on-site.

Can I bring my own scuba diving equipment? Yes, participants are welcome to bring their own scuba diving equipment if they prefer. However, rental equipment is available at the facility.

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