Billionaire Dubai to Continue Delighting the City This Ramadan

Billionare dubai 2024 ramadan special
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Billionaire Dubai to Continue Delighting the City This Ramadan

During Ramadan, Billionaire Dubai is set to enchant guests with a show thoughtfully tailored for the occasion. This spectacular presentation will showcase a magnificent fusion of visual and musical elements, designed to mesmerize the audience. Featuring Billionaire Dubai’s signature acts, the show will highlight renowned acrobatic and singing artists, delivering captivating performances that promise to leave a lasting impression.

The Masters of Extravaganza are committed to ensuring the entertainment remains as captivating as ever. With an array of lavish new costumes adorning the stage, reflecting the opulent lifestyle synonymous with Billionaire Dubai, guests are in for a truly unforgettable experience.

Event Details
Event NameBillionaire Dubai to Continue Delighting the City This Ramadan
DateMarch26-April10, 2024
VenueBillionaire Dubai
Ticket Price

Ticket Price for Billionaire Dubai to Continue Delighting the City This Ramadan starts from 600AED. Purchase tickets on the official website. Grab your Tickets Now!

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  1. Online Platforms: Platinumlist, or official website.
  2. Search Event: Use keywords like “Billionaire Dubai to Continue Delighting the City This Ramadan” or the concert’s name.
  3. Select Date/Venue: Choose the date and Billionaire Dubai.
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  5. Account/Login: Create or log in to your account.
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Billionaire Dubai

Taj Hotel – Burj Khalifa Blvd – Business Bay – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

How To Get There

By car: Head southeast from Downtown on Sheikh Zayed Road/E11, then take Exit 4 towards Business Bay. Follow Burj Khalifa Blvd until you reach Billionaire Dubai at the Taj Hotel.

By taxi: Alternatively, you can hail a taxi to Taj Hotel from any location in Dubai. It’s a well-known destination, and most drivers will be acquainted with the location.


What can guests expect from the entertainment at Billionaire Dubai during Ramadan?

The Masters of Extravaganza promise to maintain the show’s high entertainment value, showcasing opulent new costumes that adorn the stage, reflecting the luxurious lifestyle of Billionaire Dubai.

What culinary delights await guests during Ramadan at Billionaire Dubai?

Guests can anticipate an extraordinary gastronomic experience featuring a blend of Italian and New-Asian cuisines, curated by celebrity chef Batuhan Piatti. The menu promises a diverse selection of dishes, including special Ramadan-themed desserts such as Date Ice Cream and Baklava Cheesecake with a modern twist.

Who is responsible for crafting the menu at Billionaire Dubai during Ramadan?

The menu is specially curated by celebrity chef Batuhan Piatti, ensuring a delectable selection of dishes prepared using the finest ingredients.

Are the Ramadan-themed desserts exclusive to the menu for the month?

Yes, the Ramadan-themed desserts, including Date Ice Cream and Baklava Cheesecake with a modern twist, are exclusively available on the menu for the duration of the month.

How would you describe the overall experience at Billionaire Dubai during Ramadan?

Guests can expect to experience Billionaire Dubai in a new light during Ramadan, as the venue continues to dazzle the city with a unique show and exceptionally tasteful dishes, promising an unforgettable dining and entertainment experience.