Bait Bane jerba Live in Abu dhabi

Bait Bane Jerba Live
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Event Details

Welcome to the “Bait Bane Jerba Live in Abu Dhabi” is set to be an exciting live performance that showcases the rich cultural heritage and musical traditions of Jerba, an island located off the coast of Tunisia. The event will bring together talented musicians and performers who will present a mesmerizing blend of traditional Jerban music, dance, and folklore. Attendees can expect an immersive experience that highlights the unique sounds and rhythms of Jerba, offering a captivating evening filled with vibrant performances and cultural expression. This live event in Abu Dhabi promises to be a celebration of Jerban artistry, providing a memorable and enchanting experience for all who attend.

Event Summary

Event NameBait Bane Jerba Live
DateJuly 13, 2024
VenueNational Theatre
LocationAbu Dhabi, UAE

Ticket Price

Ticket Price for Bait Bane jerba Live Starts 30.00 AED, purchase Tickets on the Official Website. Grab Your Tickets Now!

Ticket SectionPrice (AED)
Section A500.00
Section A – 1400.00
Section A – 2300.00
Section A – 3200.00
Section B100.00
Section B – 170.00
Section C50.00
Section C – 130.00

Ticket Portal

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How to Get There

By car: Head south on Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Street (E10) and turn right onto Hazza Bin Zayed Street (Eleventh Street). Continue straight for approximately 2 kilometers until you reach the theater on your right.    

By taxi: You can also take a taxi to the National Theater in Abu Dhabi from anywhere in Abu Dhabi. It’s a well-known destination, and most drivers will be familiar with its location.


What is the event “Bait Bane Jerba Live” about?

  • Answer: “Bait Bane Jerba Live” is a live performance showcasing the cultural heritage and musical traditions of Jerba, an island off the coast of Tunisia. The event features talented musicians and performers who will present a captivating blend of traditional Jerban music, dance, and folklore.

When and where will the event take place?

  • Answer: The event will take place on Saturday, July 13, 2024, at 20:30 at the National Theatre in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

What are the ticket prices for the event?

  • Answer: The ticket prices are as follows:
    • Section A: 500.00 AED
    • Section A – 1: 400.00 AED
    • Section A – 2: 300.00 AED
    • Section A – 3: 200.00 AED
    • Section B: 100.00 AED
    • Section B – 1: 70.00 AED
    • Section C: 50.00 AED
    • Section C – 1: 30.00 AED

How can I purchase tickets for the event?

  • Answer: Tickets can be purchased online through the official event website or through authorized ticketing platforms. You can also buy tickets at the venue box office, subject to availability.

Is there reserved seating for the event?

  • Answer: Yes, the event features reserved seating. Each ticket section corresponds to specific seating areas within the National Theatre, ensuring that attendees have assigned seats based on the ticket category they purchase.